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  • CSAF visits Hill's fighter wings

    Today, Air Force Chief of Staff, Gen. Charles Q. Brown, Jr., received briefings on the F-35A Lightning II during a visit to Hill Air Force Base. Brown met with leadership and Airmen from the active-duty 388th and Reserve 419th Fighter Wings. As the Air Force’s first combat-coded F-35 wings, Airmen briefed Brown on the F-35’s capabilities, training,
  • Hill AFB pilots take on Red Flag’s ‘impossible to replicate’ scenarios with F-35A

    HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah – Hill Airmen recently returned from Red Flag 21-1, a large-scale, highly-complex Air Combat Command exercise in the Nevada desert.Approximately 200 Airmen from the 388th Fighter Wing’s 34th Fighter Squadron and Fighter Generation Squadron, alongside Reservists from the 419th Fighter Wing, deployed 12 F-35As to Nellis Air
  • 34th FGS maintainers provide fifth-generation airpower at Red Flag

    HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah – Hill Airmen recently returned from Red Flag 21-1, a large-scale, highly-complex Air Combat Command exercise in the Nevada desert.Maintainers from the 34th Fighter Generation Squadron, alongside Reservists from the 466th Aircraft Maintenance Unit deployed 12 F-35A Lightning IIs to Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., from Jan.
  • "This is my jet": F-35 Demo Team Crew Chief works alongside first jet on air show circuit

    As a crew chief, Tejada is responsible for all the maintenance and inspections on his aircraft, ensuring that his jet is safe and ready to fly whenever needed. With multiple airframes under his belt, SSgt Tejada has crewed aircraft for not just one but two Air Force demonstration teams.
  • 388th FW celebrates annual award winners

    Today, the 388th Fighter Wing recognized and celebrated outstanding Airmen across a variety of categories during a (mostly) virtual 2020 Annual Awards Ceremony. Congratulations to all the winners an archived live video is available to view here.2020 Junior Enlisted Airman of the YearSenior Airman Ryan Joplin, 388th Operations Support Squadron2020
  • Education or Operational: F-35 Demo Team showcases combat capabilities

    When not flying at air shows across the world or practicing at their home-base, the F-35 Demonstration Team’s mission is the same as many of the Airmen in the 388th Fighter Wing, to be ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. The maintainers on the team are responsible for performing maintenance and routine inspections on operational aircraft while Capt. Wolfe flies as an F-35 instructor pilot for the 34th Fighter Squadron.
  • Airmen compete in annual weapons loading competition

    HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah – On Friday, active duty and Reserve maintainers with the 388th and 419th Fighter Wings faced off in an F-35 weapons load competition here.Crews selected to participate in the annual competition had previously competed in and won quarterly competitions, including teams from the 388th FW’s 4th Fighter Generation Squadron,
  • Hill fighter wings will continue night flying through second week of April

    HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah -- The active duty 388th and reserve 419th Fighter Wings will conduct local night-flying operations on most weekdays through the second week of April.During this period, most flying is scheduled to be completed between 7-10 p.m., but there will be a few occasions where flying ends later.These times may change based on a
  • Hill Airmen deploy F-35A for large combat exercise

    HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah – Airmen from the active duty 388th and Reserve 419th Fighter Wing here are deploying to Nellis AFB, Nev., to take on a tough adversary – other Airmen.Approximately 200 Airmen with the 34th Fighter Squadron and 34th Fighter Generation Squadron, will participate in Red Flag 21-1 from Jan. 25 – Feb. 12.The exercise is the
  • Air Force to allow longer braids, ponytails, bangs for women

    As an outcome of the 101st Air Force uniform board, Air Force women will be able to wear their hair in up to two braids or a single ponytail with bulk not exceeding the width of the head and length not extending below a horizontal line running between the top of each sleeve inseam at the under arm through the shoulder blades. In addition, women’s bangs may now touch their eyebrows, but not cover their eyes.