Aerial Requests

Photo of F-35As flying

How to make a request

1. The flyover request and approval process is managed by accessing the Air Force Public Affairs Aerial Events Web site. Community members may submit requests, receive notification of approvals/denials, and track requests on this site. The site walks through the process step by step. Requests will not be considered if submitted fewer than 45 days prior to the event. Once a flyover request is approved by SAF/PA, it is the requester's responsibility to find a unit to support the event. The site features a "find an aircraft" link that lists flying units in the local area and/or surrounding states. If you have questions about this process, please contact

2. Once you have obtained approval, you may request an F-35A flyover or static display from the 388th. Please contact Requests must include: SAF/PA approval number, date/time, location, detailed support request, anticipated crowd size, contact information. A Public Affairs representative will contact you to confirm the request was received and in coordination.

3. Event approval by SAF/PA does not guarantee that support will be provided by the 388th. Our operations and maintenance units will determine whether they can support the request based on availability, training schedules, etc. If the request is approved, a Public Affairs representative or member of the flying squadron will contact you to confirm, and the squadron will also contact the event coordinator to finalize the details. 

How to promote online

If you are planning or attending an event where the 388th FW is providing aerial support with the F-35A Lightning II  here are some helpful tools to help share the experience online and across social media before and after the event:

1. Tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @388FW (all photos are public domain and available for download) 
2. Tag the F-35 @theF35
3. Tag Hill Air Force Base on Twitter @HAFB and on Instagram @officialhillafb 
4. Consider incorporating the following hashtags: #USAF #AirForce #HillAFB #F35 #stealth  #avgeek #aviationphotography #airpower