*Please Note: These instructions are for 388th Fighter Wing personnel only. Other Hill personnel should visit www.hill.af.mil for Hill AFB weather reporting instructions.*

During significant weather events, wing officials monitor weather conditions and any changes to the wing's operating status will be reported on the wing’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The wing’s operating status is determined by leadership as early as possible for the day shift and assessed throughout the day for swing and mid-shift Airmen. Explanations for what each status means are provided below.

Notifications regarding how weather will affect 388th Fighter Wing operations will be distributed through the following means of communication:

  • Twitter
    You do not need a Twitter account to view the 388th Fighter Wing’s Twitter page (@388FW). However, if you wish to receive notifications, you may create an account and subscribe to @388FW and turn notifications on.
  • Facebook
    You do not need an active Facebook account to view the 388th Fighter Wing Facebook page. However, if you wish to receive notifications, you may create an account and choose to follow the 388th at: https://www.facebook.com/388fw.
  • Operating status procedures
    The Wing Commander is the approval authority for 388th Fighter Wing operating procedures in the event of inclement weather. Military members and civilians with questions on reporting procedures, or their personal reporting status, should speak with their immediate supervisor.

Depending on the weather, the Wing Commander may authorize the following:

  • EARLY RELEASE: Unit commanders and supervisors will release personnel who are designated "non-weather emergency essential" according to the guidelines of the early release notification. All released personnel will need to pick up their children from the Child Development Centers and Youth Center.
  • DELAYED REPORTING: The purpose for delayed reporting during hazardous weather conditions is to allow personnel additional time for safe travel to the base. Delayed reporting applies to military and civilian personnel. Leave may not be charged. 
    There will be instances where there will be delayed reporting, normally up to two hours, to give employees time to report to work. There will also be instances of delayed reporting with a specific time to report, and this is to allow the base time to recover and clean up any snow or other inclement weather incidents. When a specific time is given to report, please do not report earlier than that time. During these situations, certain gates may be affected, so please pay attention to the announcement and plan your arrival accordingly. Work with your supervisor or work center for any other specific reporting requirements.
  • LIBERAL LEAVE:  "Mission essential personnel" are expected to report for work on time. All other employees may choose to take leave. Employees must always inform their supervisors if they plan to take annual leave or LWOP. If an employee fails to report for work and has not informed the supervisor of his or her plans to take leave, the organization may charge the employee absence without leave and the employee could be subjected to administrative action.
  • CLOSED/MISSION-ESSENTIAL REPORTING: When the base or wing is closed, personnel identified by their commanders as mission essential are to report for duty. Military members not required to report should standby until further notice. Civilian personnel not required to report may telework or will be placed on administrative leave if no telework agreement is in place. Only those children of designated mission essential personnel are allowed to be dropped off at the CDCs and Youth Center during these times.
  • HILL FIELD ELEMENTARY: Hill Field Elementary is in the Davis School District (http://www.davis.k12.ut.us). If Davis schools are closed, Hill Field Elementary is also closed even if the base is open. If the base is closed but Davis schools are open then Hill Field Elementary is also open
  • COMMUNITY AND ROAD CLOSURES: Other community closure information can be found via the local media outlets below:

News resources for local weather updates: