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419th jets move to 388th

Hill Air Force Base, Utah -- The 419th Fighter Wing moved its F-16s to the 388th ramp on the other side of Hill AFB mid October. Many simply took off from their long-time home at the 419th ramp and park near a 388th hangar. The few remaining jets were towed.

The first day of flying and operating from the new location is scheduled for later in the month.

The new location offers benefits for the 419th and 388th FW.

"One benefit that will present itself as a result of the move of our flying operation to the 388th FW ramp will be the ability to work side-by-side with our association partners in the 388th MXG, even before our F-16s transfer elsewhere," said Maj. Christopher Walters, the 419th aircraft maintenance operations officer.

Relocating the 419th jets also provides much needed protection from the elements for the maintenance crews.

"Moving our aircraft to the 388th FW ramp will put us closer to the available hangar space provided by the 388th, so our maintainers can work under shelter for extended maintenance projects," added Major Walters.

The move of the 419th jets is another step toward the Total Force Integration and setting the trend for other units to follow.

"We want this to be the model unit for all associations being decided and worked on now and in the future," Major Walters explained. "And we believe that these initial efforts to work more closely with the 388th MXG will set the stage for our future combined success as a 'classic associate unit' as defined in the TFI CONOPS."

The jets can be accessed through the 388th flight line and all current procedures will still be in affect.