F-35A Lightning II Demonstration Team to kick off 2021 Air Show Season at Atlanta Air Show

  • Published
  • By SSgt Thomas Barley
  • F-35 Demonstration Team Public Affairs

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah –The F-35A Lightning II’s Demonstration Team air show season begins May 22nd at the Atlanta Air Show, Peachtree City, Ga. where Maj Kristin “BEO” Wolfe will return as the F-35A Demonstration Team’s pilot and commander for the 2021 air show season.

“The Demo Team has been looking forward to the Atlanta Airshow for months, especially considering it’s our first air show of the season,” said Wolfe. “We didn’t get to perform in Georgia at all last year, so we’re super excited to be flying for the Atlanta area.”

It is also worth noting that this will be Wolfe’s hometown show for the season. Her father, retired Col. Jon Wolfe a prior Air Force F-15C Eagle pilot,  went to Stone Mountain High School in Atlanta, Ga. Her parents and extended family now reside in the Georgia area.

After this initial air show, the team is currently scheduled to fly at over a dozen air shows throughout the country and abroad, showcasing just a fraction of the Air Force’s most advanced multi-role stealth-fighter’s aerial capabilities.

“The F-35A has an advanced flight control system, which allows the pilot to easily command maximum performance from the airplane,” said Wolfe. “During the show you’ll see a variety of maneuvers in which the jet is displaying the unique capability of 50 degrees angle of attack.”

In addition to the 18-minute performance, Wolfe and the team will also perform alongside the Air Force Heritage Flight Foundation, showcasing the team’s heritage and legacy by flying the F-35A in formation with a P-51 Mustang. The P-51 Mustang is a World War II and Korean War-era fighter that first took flight Oct. 26th, 1940.

This will be the team's second year as an official Air Combat Command aerial demonstration team, operating as part of the 388th Fighter Wing out of Hill AFB, Utah.

The team currently consists of approximately 15 Airmen total, to include Maj. Wolfe, pilot safety officers, a superintendent, team chief, maintenance Airmen, aircrew flight equipment specialists, and public affairs personnel.

Each of the team members were hand-picked for their performance and professionalism, and are some of the best in their respective career fields. They work together in tight cohesion in order to maintain and operate the F-35, as well as interact and engage with the local communities where the airshows are performed.

“It’s an honor and a privilege to be on this team, working alongside such passionate and talented Airmen,” said Tech Sgt. Tim Ericksen, F-35 Demonstration Team noncommissioned officer in charge. “The team and I are eager to get back out into the community and put on an amazing, safe show.”

Wolfe echoed Ericksen’s excitement given the hardships that the COVID-19 pandemic brought to the air shows world last year.

“2020 was a tough year for everyone, so we are especially excited this year to take the team and get back on the road for the 2021 season,” said Wolfe. “We’ve missed our fans and we look forward to seeing them again.

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