Hill bids farewell to 75 ABW commander

  • Published
  • By Micah Garbarino
  • 75th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
After nearly two years as Hill’s 75th Air Base Wing Commander, Col. Jennifer Hammerstedt is moving on.

On April 13, she’ll hand the reigns of the wing to Col. Jon Eberlan and transition to life in the Pentagon.

Leading an air base wing is a big and always busy job.

“Command at any level in the Air Force is the greatest privilege any officer can have in their career,” Hammerstedt said. “This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a wing commander and oversee all of the details of a base the size of Hill. It was a great challenge, a great opportunity, and I’m really going to miss it.”

Hill has been one of Hammerstedt’s favorite assignments and duty stations.

“Utah is a dream assignment for a lot of people because of the natural beauty, all the outdoor activities, and the great weather; however, I don’t think those are the best things. The people here are amazing,” Hammerstedt said, citing several examples:

Utah’s economy is growing. Its people are patriotic, and the community surrounding Hill is industrious and eager to support the base and partner in the mission – from infrastructure, like the Enhanced Use Lease program that helped revitalize the west side of base with the Falcon Hill Development, to morale activities like the annual Salute to Our Nation’s Defenders picnic.

“You couldn’t ask for a more supportive group of people than we have in our community,” Hammerstedt said.

The work has also been rewarding. As Hill’s installation commander, Hammerstedt was responsible for the Air Force's second largest base by population and size.

The wing oversees 1,000,000 acres and over 1,300 facilities valued at $6.5 billion while providing installation support for Ogden Air Logistics Complex, Life Cycle Management Center, Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center ICBM Directorate, 388th and 419th Fighter Wings and more than 60 other associate units totaling 26,000 personnel.

The 75th Air Base Wing also has base support responsibility for the operation of the 1,490-square-mile Utah Test and Training Range.

“Hill is a unique place with so many vital missions based here. At the 75th Air Base Wing, it’s our mission to enable them all, while also maintaining our readiness and supporting the warfighters,” Hammerstedt said.

Hammerstedt, who grew up on the east coast is looking forward to being closer to her family when she transition to the Pentagon. She’s also looking forward to the job there, which will “broaden her horizons on joint operations.”

“I learned so much in my time here and will take it forward with me in my career,” she said. “The job certainly provided me with the combination of a very detailed, yet holistic view of how our Air Force operates.”

Col. Hammerstedt is proud of her Airmen in the 75th ABW and the mission they accomplished in a resource-constrained environment. She said the wing has allowed Hill to handle large growth in mission and workforce while maintaining safety, security, and taking care of Airmen and families.

“When I came on board I said we’re going to serve those who serve and I want to brag about our Airmen in the ABW because they have done that, working mostly behind the scenes, and I am forever grateful for them. They are simply awesome,” she said.