Leaders urge Hill personnel to prevent sexual assault

  • Published
  • 75th Air Base Wing Public Affairs

Hill leaders and community members gathered April 3 for the 2018 Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month breakfast. The annual event was held to raise the awareness of base personnel and community partners about sexual assault.

Jeffery Bucholtz, Director of We End Violence, was the guest speaker. Bucholtz worked for 16 years as an activist, organizer and public speaker in the fields of sexual and relationship violence, violence prevention, stalking, bullying, working in alliances, collaboration and intersectionality of oppression.

Leaders from Hill AFB also signed a proclamation at the breakfast announcing April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month and urged the Hill AFB community to take part in preventing sexual assault.

The following statements are in the proclamation:

Whereas, Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention month is a reminder of the constant impact this crime has on our mission, our base, and our organization. All service members, DOD Civilians, contract personnel, and family members must use this opportunity to continue in creating a safe and passionate community for our Team Hill family; and

Whereas, every individual, every unit, every community has a responsibility to recognize and act to reduce sexual assault and harassment. We can make a difference. We can prevent another child, or adult from becoming a victim. We can shape an environment that refuses to accept crimes against others and offers support from the AF family; and

Whereas, the theme for the Department of Defense’s 2018 campaign is, “Protecting Our People Protects our Mission.” Among our people, in our units, there are survivors. For those who have had to live this reality, the impacts may affect them every day. Team Hill can care, believe, and support, while making part of our mission eliminating sexual assault.

Now, THEREFORE, we, Team Hill Leaders, do herby proclaim April 2018 as SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS AND PREVENTION MONTH throughout the base community, and call upon personnel and their families to act. If we see conduct that could potentially lead to sexual assault, we need to step in and prevent it to the best of our ability and support those who have already been hurt. Everyone must make this a priority, so every airman can FLY HIGH together.